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Our work is charged by the hour:

All cleaning...... From £12.50 per hour per cleaner (fully inclusive of all quality necessary cleaning products, materials and equipment). Some bigger jobs and 'deep cleans' may require two cleaners (2x£12.50 per hour) but this is done in less time than one cleaner. If the clean requires special materials or requires us to travel a large distance we may quote you an enhanced hourly rate. The average home spends £163 per year on cleaning products alone..(from, add to this the cost of a new vacuum, dusters, cloths, buckets etc over the course of a year and you will be surprised! CONTACT US
Commercial and special cleans please email us here for a quote, giving us as much detail about the job as possible and how long you expect it will take to complete. 
Deep cleans usually take longer than light cleans.
We will give you a maximum time on our quote, if we go over this time we will agree this with you first. Some cleans can be unpredictable...   
When you request a quote online please include your mobile phone contact if possible (all personal details will be kept confidential) we will reply as soon as soon as we can with an estimated cost and availability. We will then await your reply by phone or email confirming and agreeing the cleaning, cost, date, time and any access arrangements (key and alarm codes etc. will be kept confidential).
Follow up work or regular cleans can be arranged with our staff when we are with you.


Payment is due on completion of the work on the day please by cash or cheque made payable to 'LJN cleaning services'.


You can Pre-pay or pay by PayPal, credit or debit card here after you have arranged your time of cleaning and access arrangements with us 

(no PayPal account necessary, 'Check Out' as a Guest).

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